Welcome to Open Source Soap!

Customized formulations of soap, handmade in small batches in Eugene, Oregon.

As of November 5th, 2013, you can now buy soap online via credit card at the online store (using Shopify).

Why Customized Soap?

Tailor properties such as hardness, detergency, sudsiness, & more

Choose your own fragrance, from a selection of essential oils and fine chemicals

Enhance the scrubbing power with ground spices, pumice, oatmeal, or other additives

Why Open Source?

Open Source means the soapmaking process is transparent. We freely share the ingredients, methods, and suppliers with you. In Open Source Software (the other OSS), the collaborative process brings benefits to everyone who participates. In the case of software, this means bugs are discovered and fixed more quickly than for closed software. In the case of soap, it means methods, recipes, and innovations have a chance to evolve.

How Much Innovation Can There Be In the Field of Soap?

Soap is amazing stuff.

The invention of soap was revolutionary, because it gave humans a valuable tool to combat disease. When soap is dissolved in water, the individual molecules assemble into organized nanoscale structures such as micelles, vesicles, and worms. The behavior of these self-assembled structures is dependent on how acidic / basic the water is (the pH), on the hardness of the water (dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium), on the temperature, etc. By better understanding how soap behaves, we can use it more effectively.

But there's a whole other aspect to the process that's ripe for innovation: the fragrance additives. In January 2013, Open Source Soap started extracting botanical essences using supercritical carbon dioxide, or scCO2 for short. This is exciting technology, and although it has been used for many years on the industrial scale for everything from drycleaning clothing to decaffeinating coffee beans, only in the past few years have there been laboratory-scale instruments in the marketplace. Open Source Soap has a SFT-110XW extractor from Supercritical Fluid Technologies.

How Can I Get Some Soap?

Browse the online storefront for off-the-shelf products, or for custom orders and CO2 extractions get in touch with me: open.source.soap at gmail and opensourcesoap@twitter, or leave a comment on one of my Instagram photos (not all are soap-related).

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17 May 2014

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